2023 Presidency: Sanusi reveals who he’ll vote for, advises Nigerians

Sanusi Lamido, Former Emir of Kano has said he will not vote for the next president based on whether he’s from the North or South but based on his ability.

Sanusi said this on Friday insisting that he would vote for any presidential candidate who can deliver on his promises to save the nation.

“I don’t care about the debate on whether the next President should come from the South or North, give me a President from any part of the country who can deliver and I’ll vote for him because he’s not going to take presidency to his hometown even if he’s inclined to do that,” Sanusi said this while speaking on Arise Tv.

He warned that most of the names being speculated as those contesting for the 2023 presidency do not have the ability to fix the problem of the nation.

“Instead of governors saying we want a president from the South let them bring the candidate to let us look at him, what is his age, condition of health, records and capacity. This applies to the Northerners too, let us access your candidates.

“From all the names that are being speculated as the next president of Nigeria, at least most of them if they come up finally in 2023, we are going to end up with people who do not have the ability to fix this problem of the nation,” Sanusi told Arise Tv.

He further warned Nigerians to take an intellectual approach when choosing leaders in 2023 because the politicians only know how to take them for a ride.

He said questions like the candidates’ record, health conditions should be prioritized when choosing the next president.

“The greatest weakness as a Nigerian is that we do not apply critical approach when choosing leaders and these politicians just take us for a ride.

“If people suffer under a government they’re suffering because of incompetent government not because he’s from a particular region.

“If the Naira is being devalued does it affect only Southerners? As Nigerians, these are not the problems we should be worried about.

“These are the questions we need to ask ourselves and stop politicians to keep playing us,” the former Emir said.

Source – DailyPost

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