A Quick Look At ‘Selina Tested’ And Becoming YouTube’s Top Trending Video In 2022

Over the last couple of years, the impact of digital media on many industries has been tremendous. With a focus on Nollywood and all the breakthroughs recorded recently, going digital and knowing how to manage it is a big plus. ‘Selina Tested’ a crime-action YouTube series has proven that you can achieve a lot with the little you have, with an episode of the show becoming the top trending video on YouTube in 2022.

One very big unanswered question is ‘how much better would the show have been if it had better funding?’ 

We might never be able to answer that question. With twenty six great and captivating episodes, with a brilliant storyline, and an incredible production, ‘Selina Tested’ captured the hearts of a target audience and built the success of the show on the back of that audience.

‘Selina Tested’ is a crime-action YouTube show produced by Lightweight Entertainment which follows the story of Chiboy and Aboy, two young men who grew up together on the street, rising through the ranks in violence, amongst gangs and crimes. The show set in Port Harcourt explores the vices in the society to tell a compelling story of crime, cultism, drug, kidnapping and more.

Some of the casts of the show include Aye Otto, Famous Patrick, Mc Prophet, Manuchim Praize Odogwu, Sibi Steve, Drela Onyema, Michael Abba, Gwill, Mimi Nessa, Maryland Nlerum, Wisdom Isiguzo, Gabriella Ogbonnaya, and DJ Key, amongst others.

Since the beginning of the show, many of its episodes have racked millions of views on YouTube with one of its episodes becoming the top trending video on YouTube in 2022 with 3.8 million views. Also, the show made the slang ‘your face show, your show shine’ become a popular saying among Nigerian youths.

We took a quick look into ‘Selina Tested’ and what made the crime-action unique, shooting it to the top of the list of top trending videos on YouTube in 2022.

Selina Tested Episode 24 – Apocalyse confirmed as Top Trending Video on YouTube in 2022.

Tapping into an uncharted territory

In Nollywood, there are many films about cultism, crime, and gangs but most of them never really portray the lifestyle the way it is. ‘Selina Tested’ tapped into that life, speaking with the slangs, portraying one of the dreaded confraternities in Nigeria and giving an inside look into the lifestyle of an average boy on the street in the environment it was set up. 

This amongst others is an unusual move, seeing as many filmmakers do not like to step on toes or make their films too fictitious it ends up not addressing reality.

Connection with reality

‘Selina Tested’ right from the start of the show till the end mirrored the reality of the environment it was set up in. When it comes to matters of cultism or gang-related fights, Port Harcourt is feared to be one of the most dreaded in the country. The show tapped into that reality to tell a story people can relate with, and gave its audience characters who understand that reality and can live and play it. All through the show, the actors/actresses were in character, and this was simply because it was a premise they were comfortable in.

There were several episodes which sparked conversations on whether the characters aren’t like they are in the show in real life, and considering how good they were, it would be a good assumption to say they are.

Incredible cinematography

One of the things that guarantees a beautiful user experience is clear visuals. ‘Selina Tested’ had this from start to finish. We can all agree that following action in movies is even more difficult to film but this show delivered with the camera angles, special effects and sound.

Selina Tested Episode 24 – Apocalypse

This episode follows the many escapades of Sibi, one of the antagonists of the show. Prior to this episode, Sibi had wreaked havoc on ‘Holy Ground,’ took over many places and killed lots of those opposing him, as well as making Aboy and Chiboy, and Odogwu run into hiding. This episode follows the many battles they’ve been in to take back their territory from him and was one of the episodes with the most action in the show.

Armed by powers from a powerful herbalist named Otuaka, Aboy, Chiboy, and Odogwu went to face Sibi yet again, even after a strict warning from Otuaka stating that they are no match for him. After another heated battle, they fled, wounding three of Sibi’s most trusted soldiers.

The reason this episode has 3.8 million views on YouTube can simply be because it was one of the best highlights of the show. It was action-filled, suspenseful, and with several plot twists.


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