Are your designer sunglasses genuine or fake?

Are your designer sunglasses genuine or fake?

Buying from a reliable seller like SmartBuyGlasses is one of the steps that can help you avoid counterfeit products.

However, below are a few more tips that you can incorporate to ensure that you stay ahead of the dubious people who sell duplicate sunglasses of brands.

  • The box in which the product comes is one of the first things you should see carefully. The boxes come with information about the manufacturer. Often there are barcodes on the boxes. These can be tallied with the accompanying brochure of the product. For genuine products, these will match. There are a few more things like the Model number, color, lens size, frame size measurements, and the manufacturing country generally inscribed on the arms of your sunglasses.

  • The sunglasses can hint a lot about the authenticity of the product. When you order your sunglasses, don’t forget to check the website. The website will give you the details of the case in which your sunglasses are due to arrive. Genuine products come in high-quality cases. These cases can be either hard or soft. One thing is for sure the soft pouch, or the hard case will have a well-made logo on it. The feel of the product will be nothing less than premium.

  • One of the parts of the product that really stands apart in the case of genuine sunglasses is the lenses. The quality of the lenses is second to none in genuine designer sunglasses. Most designer sunglasses come with lenses made from high-quality glass. You will feel the difference once you touch the lenses of designer sunglasses and that of a cheap copy. 

  • The frames are of premium quality in designer sunglasses. They are generally of medium weight. Lighter frames indicate poor build quality, and heavier ones are due to bulky stainless steel.

  • Branding is definitely one of the things that can give away the identity of the product. Fake products have improper branding. The differences may be very subtle, so one has to pay a lot of attention to find the differences.

  • The hinges of designer sunglasses open and close effortlessly. Fake products will either have hinges that open by themselves under gravity or will be too tight to open.

  • If you pay attention to the product details by combining all the features mentioned above, you will find a genuine product with ease.

  • The last thing to watch out for is the pricing of the product. Designer sunglasses are expensive. Imitation products are sold as genuine products with heavy discounts. This is generally too good to be true. The pricing of genuine ones will most often be high.

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