Defence ministry denies video on its minister, Magashi hanging an AK-47 rifle

The Minister of Defence, retired Maj.-Gen. Bashir Magashi has said that the online video showing a man hanging an AK-47 rifle alleged to be him is mischievous.

Muhammad Abdulkadri, the Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to the minister, in a statement on Sunday, said there was the need to counter the narrative.

According to Abdulkadri, findings have revealed the true identity of the person in the video.

He said: “To claim that the person in the video is General Magashi is false and misinforming.

“Findings have revealed the undeniable identity of the person in the video as the rector of a Nigerian Army college.

“By virtue of the rector’s command and position, he is statutorily allowed in the military to sign for weapons when travelling.”

Abdulkadri added that the Army green colour on the vehicle shown in the video and the unit sticker on the official car are enough evidence to counteract the spurious claim in the video.

He also said that the car in the video being referred to as the official car isn’t the minister’s official vehicle.

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