Explain How You Spent The $308 Million You Got From Selling Our Power Plant



The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has said that former Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi and Tonye Cole would never have a reason to plunder the state resources again.

Speaking at the inauguration of Rukpakwulusi/Eliogbolo internal roads on Saturday, Wike stated that Amaechi comment on the ongoing project was filled with envy.

He wondered why Amaechi who was unable to account for the 308 million proceeds from the sales of the State power plants by his administration, would have an opinion about the inauguration of his projects.

He said, “Why should we not celebrate, when you sold our gas turbine at the cost of $308 Million? Convert it today at even N500, how much will it be? What can you show for the money, certainly nothing.”


The governor urged Rivers people to be wary of the antics of the former minister who desperately wants Mr. Cole, his business partner to become governor so that they can continue to loot the resources of Rivers State.

All the gas turbines that Dr. Peter Odili bought, where are they today? So you think Rivers people are foolish to see that you are bringing the person, your business partner to come and be governor so that you will continue to loot where you stopped. It will never happen,” he added.

Wike recounted how the minister when he was the state governor had bragged at Obi Wali International Conference Centre, Port Harcourt, that the incoming government will not have money to pay salaries and execute projects.


So, today by the grace of God, we are not only paying salaries, we are not only paying pensioners, we are not only paying gratuities that he did not pay, we have gone beyond that to carry out projects which he failed to carry out. And so, we should celebrate it, let him know that nobody is God.”

I’m not the one who says people should leave your party. We have used projects to demystify you and the Federal government now knows that you are a bloody liar. They appointed you as a minister, what did you bring to this State? Even in your community Ubima, you said you are going to bring the University of Transportation, is it there? You said you are going to give us a narrow gauge rail line, have you given us one?, ” he stated.

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