Group tackles FG on $1bn Ogoni clean-up

ogoni clean up

The Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People has accused the Federal Government of not being sincere with the implementation of the $1bn hydrocarbon cleanup of Ogoniland in Rivers State.

The President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke, in a statement said the Ogoni people lacked confidence in the ongoing Ogoni clean-up project as spelt out in the United Nations Environment Programme report.

The clean-up project is being carried out by the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project.

Nsuke in his message to mark the 30th anniversary of Ogoni Day, accused HYPREP of executing bogus contracts, and urged the agency to halt further contract awards pending the conclusion of the ongoing audit of the agency.

MOSOP also called for a more transparent environmental cleanup of Ogoniland with preference for the provision of clean water to the people, as well as urged the federal government to accept its proposals for the establishment of the Ogoni Development Authority.

He also called for a proper restructuring of the Nigerian federation to guarantee the rights of the Ogoni people to function within a Nigerian federation as Ogoni people.

“The Nigerian Government has not been sincere in its execution of the Ogoni environmental cleanup exercise. The entire exercise lacks transparency, and does not have any community-based representation as MOSOP has been inexplicably excluded from participation and monitoring of the agency’s activities.

“We regret to state that we have no confidence in the exercise as has been conducted so far.

“While we have the impression that an audit of the exercise is ongoing, the cleanup agency, HYPREP, continues to execute bogus contracts. We therefore demand greater transparency in the work of HYPREP, a halt in further contract awards pending the conclusion of on-going audit.

“We demand that water provision be placed under emergency measures and be given priority as a life saving measure and an integrated water programme be implemented throughout Ogoni to address the water crises.”

MOSOP further urged the Ogoni people to exercise their rights in the forthcoming elections based on their informed judgement, as well as resist every inducement towards the use of violence before, during and after the elections, and urged the youths to reject attempts to be used as political thugs.

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