‘I Don’t Expect A President Of A Country To Say…’ – Wike Blasts Buhari Again

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has identified bad governance as a major cause of insecurity in Nigeria, noting that all must be done to reverse the trend.

Speaking in Abuja on Wednesday during a lecture he delivered at the National Institute for Security Studies (NISS), Wike recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari once openly declared that those who voted for him will get more benefits from his government than those who didn’t.

He noted that such statements are not expected from a country’s leader as it gives some people a certain feeling of marginalization and makes them lose interest.

The Governor added that for true development to take place, every stakeholder must be carried along and the government must be responsible.

Wike said, “Now, take for example, with all due respect, when Mr. President said ninety something per cent of whatever will go to only those who voted for him, that alone will create crisis.

“That is not part of good governance. I don’t expect a President of a country to say, ‘I will only remember those who voted for you’re? That is not democracy.”

The Rivers State Governor spoke on the topic “Governance, Security and Sustainable Development in Africa, Nexus, Challenges, and Prospects: Rivers State as a Metaphor”.

The lecture was for the participants of the Executive Intelligence Management Course (EIMC 14), who are concluding their study at the NISS.

Wike argued that the administration of President Buhari has been known to give one excuse or the other for areas in which it has failed, stating that when the government is not responsible, no meaningful development can take place.

He added that the federal government and all stakeholders must find a way to bring all aggrieved persons to the table and discuss their grievances towards finding workable resolutions.

He submitted that only when the government is seen as working for all people and not just a particular section can there be talks about peace, security, and sustainable development.

“What we have today cannot be said to be a responsive government that will provide all these. What we are hearing is excuse one, excuse two. It is terrible. So, if you don’t have a responsive governance, you will not have environmental sustainability. Because, it requires good governance.

“A sense of social justice, equity is fundamental to achieving peace, security and sustainable development, which only good governance can achieve.

“You cannot have this, if you do not have good governance. And, you cannot talk about sustainable development when you don’t have good governance. It is practically impossible.

“Thus, among other structural and infrastructural variables, nothing can be more relevant to the progress of society than the practice of good governance, led by visionary, effective and transformational leadership as essential precondition for effective democracy, the rule of law, sustainable development, and enhancing the living conditions of ordinary people.

“Unfortunately, poor governance, and bad leadership model continue to characterize Africa’s political, economic, security and social landscapes.

“I’m sorry, people forget… When people say zoning is unconstitutional, but you know what is called equity. Equity brings peace. Let everybody be part of it.”

He further noted, “But the moment you begin to think that this is your own exclusivity, that nobody else, then it becomes a crisis. When you begin to see some people, to deny them certain things, that will lead to insecurity.

“And with insecurity, you cannot achieve sustainable development. Take, for example, when the Igbos are crying to say, look, in appointment, you don’t recognize us, what is wrong in listening to them?

“What is wrong in sitting back and say, look, we are all one; we want this country to be together, in order for us to achieve sustainable development?

“Because…if you don’t include them, some of them will begin to believe that they are not part of the system.”

Source – NaijaTabloid

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