Kemi Adetiba Gushes Over Surprise Birthday Trip

Kemi Adetiba, an award-winning filmmaker, took to social media to share her experience from her surprise birthday trip.

Kemi turned 43 on January 8th, and she thanked her creator with a lengthy, heartwarming note.

Kemi thanked her husband, Oscar Heman-Ackah, on Instagram for a surprise birthday trip to Dakar, Senegal’s capital.

She also talked about how wonderful her birthday was, saying that her trip to Senegal’s largest city provided her and her husband with everything they needed.

Feeling excited and energetic for the new year, she wrote:

My birthday week really couldn’t have gone any better. Dakar gave everything we needed and more. Thank you to my very special one Oscar Heman-Ackah for the beautifully curated surprise trip (I was told to pack a bag just the night before & only told morning of, that I’d need my passport) and everything that’s happened in it. Now it’s time to leave this lovely country, it’s gorgeous weather & FOOD the amazing people, and head back to Lagos to get right back to 2023 work. I’m Charged UP!!

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