Man accuses military men of damaging his vehicle in Enugu

A shuttle driver in Enugu, identified as Mr Ifeanyi Igwesi, has alleged that some military men from the 82 Division Enugu on Friday, without provocation, damaged his vehicle and a co-driver called Sienna.

Igwesi in a video sighted by DAILY POST, said his car was not blocking the road when the said incident happened, as it was parked very close to the gutter at a popular Liberty bus stop in Abakpa, Enugu.

According to him, there were also other vehicles parked alongside his own.

While accusing soldiers from the 82 Division Enugu of damaging his vehicle, Igwesi said the glass of his vehicle was damaged alongside a co-driver, simply identified as Sienna.

He called on the Nigerian government and the military, especially the GOC of 82 Division Enugu to fish out those involved in the dastardly act.

He said, “This is what the Nigerian army did to my car this evening as at 5:30pm, while I’m at the park loading, trying to get my passengers.

“I saw them arrive and actually my car was not blocking the road, very close to the gutter. And the military men came using their…and broke the glasses of my vehicle.

“You can see everywhere, look at how they brake (sic) it. Look at how they broke the other one, my neighbour’s (sic) own. They get (sic) it braked (sic).

“This car was actually parked very close to the gutter at Liberty, Abakpa, in Enugu.

“This damage was done by Nigerian military (soldiers) from 82 Division Enugu, this evening. You can see how they break (sic) it. You can see the vehicle parked close to the gutter. This is the vehicle, this is the gutter. I want to know why they have the effrontery to do this to my car.

“I’m making this video to show it to the world. To show it to the Nigerian government, to show it to Nigerian army 82 Division Enugu what they did to my car, where I was looking for passengers and other cars were around.

“If you watch very closely, you will see that these cars are parked very close to the gutter.

“So I want to know why this was done to the vehicle parked at the bus stop. This is bus stop, this is gutter.

“Nigerian government you should see. Nigerian military you should see what your people did to our vehicles.

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