NNL UPDATE: Favour Iroyeme Reveals List Of Motivators, After Clinching Play-off Ticket

The captain of Inter Lagos FC, Favour Iroyeme has reeled off a long list of people that provided him with words of advice and motivated him in leading his team to the Nigerian National League (NNL) Super-8.

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The feat was accomplished after his side silenced visiting Ijebu United of Ogun State 2-0 on the last day of the regular season, and the youngster is quick to thank everyone who made it possible.

In what becomes a consolation for their loss to Ikorodu City in this year’s Lagos State FA Cup final at the same venue, Favour Iroyeme and his teammates are now looking forward to the NNL’s promotion battles.

The smooth-talking youngster admitted it has not been an easy flight for his team, but quickly added that the encouragement and support he got from many mentors provided him with the wisdom and strength to pull through.

Favour Iroyeme started with his view about Inter Lagos picking the play-off ticket, saying, “It means a lot to us. A lot to me in particular, because it is my first experience. Not as a player, but as a captain leading this professional team at a young age.

“It’s something I’ve been dreaming of, but, for it happening this early, is phenomenal. I’m really grateful to God for making it happen.

“It has not been easy, but I’ve had so many people talking to me, advising me on what to do and what not to do. So, it somehow became easy as well; because I have some people behind me guiding me through the process.

“So, I’m really grateful to God for having such people guiding me, especially my coach. I give him the kudos for that.”

Favour added that he and his teammates have now turned their focus of the NNL play-offs and, although he disclosed that they always plan for one match at a time, he believes they will hit the ground running when the time comes.

The elated skipper projected ahead, saying: “As we say always in our training, it’s one game at a time. We don’t rush ourselves. We take it game-by-game-by game. So, we are looking forward to the play-off, now that the regular season is over.

“We’ll train hard. We’ll take it day-by-day, step-by-step. That’s how we’ll take it going into the play-off,” Favour disclosed, then went on to reveal who he dedicated the historic feat to.

“I’m dedicating it to Coach Uche. He has been a wonderful man. Right from day one, he has given me advice and encouraged me. He has drilled me in football so much since 2018.

“So, I’m really grateful for having him. His efforts are actually paying off. I am grateful to Coach Uche,” the appreciative skipper concluded.

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