Over N300bn spent on Nigerian players in last 10 years –FIFA

The report ranks Nigeria No.16 in the nationalities by total spending on transfer fees and the first in Africa.

According to the report, Brazil occupies No.1 as the nation whose players have the highest total amount spent at $7.1bn, ahead of France ($4.5bn). Other countries in the Top 10 are Spain ($3.7bn), Argentina ($3.2bn), Portugal ($2.9bn) and Holland ($1.9bn). Belgium ($1.7m), Colombia ($1.7bn), Germany ($1.4bn) and Britain ($1.3bn) complete the Top 10.

According to FIFA, “Nationality is therefore based solely on the first nationality declared in TMS (Transfer Matching System) by the clubs and the copy of the player’s passport submitted.

A total of 3,793 Nigerians have been transferred within the period, making the country No.7 on the number of countries transferred.

“Of the 204 nationalities of players transferred in 2011-2020, Europe dominates the Top 30 with 17. In second place are Africa and South America (five each), followed by two from Asia and just one from Central and North America and the Caribbean,” the document said.

Brazil also tops that with a total of 15,128 players transferred within the period. Argentina has 7,444 players transferred while 5,523 British players have been transferred within the last 10 years.

France, Colombia and Spain are also ahead of Nigeria with 5,027, 4,287 and 3,922 players respectively moving within the last decade.

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