Singer, Fireboy Narrates How He Got International Collaboration With Singer, Ed Sheeran

“I told myself, God I want a global hit. That was when ‘Essence’ was popping, so I was like I want a global hit. I would like to contribute to my genre by having a song that cuts across the whole world and changes my life forever,” he said.
“God gave me ‘Peru’, so the song blew up, an amazing record. You know when a song blows up and it becomes this annoying record you hear everywhere in Africa, in Nigeria, especially in Lagos.

“It needed something special so it came in the form of that collaboration with Ed Sheeran. I was in the studio that day. I remember when I got the call from Mr Kareem, he works with my label empire and he was like guess what? Ed Sheeran is going to be on your record.

“Check your DM, I think he has sent you a DM. He has recorded the verse, everything is ready and I was like what? But apparently, Jamal Edwards sent the song to Ed Sheeran.

“So after I got the call, I checked my messages on Instagram and he had sent me a DM together with a voice note and when I listened to the verse, I was like this verse is fire. He is an amazing person, he is a genuine person.”

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