SPRYTH: The reading and writing platform you should know about

The African community overflows with hordes of literary knowledge expressed through novels, plays and other genres of literature, most beneficial to the teenage and the grown alike. However, the problem involved in this aspect is that many people do not have access to this wealth of knowledge. Nevertheless, those who do, are blessed with information that improve their lives in an unlimited number of ways. The question remains, how can one gain access to this world of unending literary benefits? The answer lies in Spryth, a repertoire of African stories vested with all sorts of most desired stories ranging from books centered on thriller, action, crime, comedy, erotic stories, to books that narrate true love stories, romantic stories and many more.

Spryth is a platform available for those who enjoy reading lots of interesting stories. The value of this exciting platform is not just limited to readers, it is also accessible to talented writers who wish to connect with readers; excellent writers who have nursed lots of literary treasures and wish to share their ecstasy through writing erotic stories which can take the mind of a reader to the farthest stars and bring it back filled with lovely imaginations accompanied by buoyant smiles. The platform exist for thirsty readers who wish to permeate the beautiful minds of writers by carefully perusing their stories and benefitting from these stories, the most perfect of pleasures.

In whichever way one chooses to connect with Spryth, whether as a constant reader and seeker of true love stories filled with grandeur and which can inform readers on how to make the best decisions when it comes to their love life, or as a writer who is blessed with the inbuilt ability to makeup excellent exhilarating stories; one is bound to benefit from this platform in gigantic ways. For writers, Spryth offers an opportunity for talented writers to make, not just a living, but a huge living off having their works published on this platform as well as being able to connect to a huge population of readers who await stories from the most beautiful African minds.

For readers, Spryth offers the opportunity to have their body language affected not just by excellent works but by extension, hot new stories which will be most captivating and intriguing in such a way that readers gain tons of knowledge and experiences; romantic stories interesting enough to revive and have the oxytocin of the reader rushing into his or her blood stream from the pituitary gland. In addition to all these, Spryth offers the opportunity of allowing the reader access to some of the best adventure stories, folklore, biographies, autobiographies, and many more exciting pieces of literature, which the reader will find unavoidable.

Spryth is ecstatic, fun-filled, interesting and exist to serve the interest of all classes of people; children, teenagers, parents, teachers, adults, ladies, gentlemen and even those who are advanced in age. It serves the interest of both males and females, and reflects a world which passionate writers and readers will love to be entangled with. It is composed of Naija stories from which readers can gain lots of insightful ideas into the nature of the actual Nigerian society. This amazing world of literary fantasy and euphoria is now accessible for access into unlimited pleasures, offers and well-designed dimensions and contents that readers and writers will never regret being intertwined with.

Do you mind taking a step into this exhilarating world? Spryth app is available on Google Playstore for Android users and on Apple Store for IPhone users. For more information about this platform, Spryth is open to followership on Instagram via, on Facebook via Spryth Stories, and on Twitter via @Sprythng or the platform’s website:

SPRYTH: The reading and writing platform you should know about

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