“The man is the weapon fashioned against her” – Reactions as man orders wife to cook food for his parents days after giving birth

  • A married man angers social media users who have ordered his wife to cook for his parents just two days after she gave birth.
  • A video shared by @ask_aubry on X, formerly Twitter, claimed that the new mother had two babies, her newboarn and her husband.
  • The couple, likely of British origin, was seen in a heated argument over cooking.

Just two days after giving birth, a married man infuriates social media followers by telling his wife to prepare food for his parents.

A user named @ask_aubry posted the video on X, now known as Twitter, claiming that the new mother was carrying two babies, her husband and a newborn.

The pair, who appear to be of British origin, were observed arguing angrily over food.

Her husband requested that she prepare a roast for his parents, who were in route to their home.

She objected, saying that she needed to recover from her recent delivery.

He urged that she cook it and asserted that she had been sleeping since returning from the hospital.

The new mother angrily refused asking him to go do it himself, but he argued that since she did it better, she should be the one to cook it.

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Reacting to the post…

@kelvin_kertz advised: “Parents, while training your daughters to be good and compassionate women, equally train your sons to be good and compassionate men.”

@uenjoku stated: “Had an aunt that drove to the hospital, gave birth and drove home the next day. And that was her first pregnancy.”

@ope_starr wrote: “Both husband and his parent that want roast are m@d sha.”

@evacomedytv_ added: “One of the reasons I’m NEVER getting married, slavery duties…..all in the name of submissive wife.”

@veronicasdaughter opined: “The man is the weapon fashioned against her. 2 days???? He actually thinks she is jst sitting around…doing nothing. He doesn’t even understand. Who dey raise these people?”

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