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Why I’m not scared of kissing on screen — Somto Eze | The Guardian Nigeria News

For Nollywood fast rising actor, Somto Eze, acting was never his first choice. However, one of his friends, who is an actor made him to stumble on it and develop the passion that has enabled him to build a career for himself.

Speaking with The Guardian, the talented actor, who graduated from ESUT, went down memory lane on how he started acting.

“Before I started, I already had some actor friends. I usually went to set with them but I wasn’t acting because I didn’t see myself acting anytime soon. I knew I enjoyed going to set to spend time with them. I never saw myself acting, but some years back when a friend of mine from Big Brother Africa- Melvin Oduah came to Enugu to film, he called and told me they were filming. He asked where I was and I told him I was in school then; they were also shooting in my school. When I finished what I was doing in class, I strolled down to where they were filming. The director saw me and asked if he called me for the audition, but I was like no! I wasn’t there. He was like I want you to do something for me; I became nervous. I told him that I was not an actor but I just came to see my friend. The director spoke with Marvin and Beverly Osu at the set. Both of them were like it is a normal thing now. ‘Whatever thing he wants to do just picture yourself being the person, you just find out it is very easy.’ That was what I did and moved on with my life.

“Then, a second time came, it was Melvin Oduah that came to Enugu. I came to see him where they were filming. It was an office setting and they needed a secretary. He told the production manager than I was an upcoming actor. I did it. That was how the passion started growing and I started attending auditions. That was how I got to where I am now,” he recalled.

Eze disclosed that he was working on many new movie projects. “I am currently working on a lot of projects and I am doing one for ShowMax. I really can’t say much about it. It is a series and it is for ShowMax. I am also working on a lot of other projects at the moment,” Eze said.

The Enugu-born revealed what many female admires about him. “Women are complimenting my lips,” he says, adding that ladies were sending him DM now that he is becoming popular on screen.

At a recent outing on the red carpet, the lead actor of the ‘Living and the Dead’ said: “I am a very good kisser! I have always been a good kisser for a long time. Kissing on the screen first time was not like a new thing to me because it is something I was doing on and off the screen. I have already overcome the stage fright. Kissing was a normal thing I wasn’t scared of. Women are always complimenting my lips. I always get compliment from them saying ‘nice lips’. I think it’s because of this I get more DM from women.

“Every now and then, I get DM from women professing that they like me because ‘I saw you in a movie’, ‘I like your lips.’ I wouldn’t say that they said no to me. There are some ladies I lost contacts with. Then years later, probably they started seeing me on the screen and somehow came back through my DM to chat me up and I try to catch up with them. I don’t know if they came back because they started seeing me on the screen.”

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