100 days of war in Ukraine: The most defining moments in pictures

100 days of war in Ukraine: The most defining moments in pictures

This selection of photographs shows some of the most crucial moments of the ongoing war in Ukraine 100 days after the conflict began.

From the shock of Russia’s invasion back in February to the latest battle for eastern Ukraine, many of these photos show the extent of the war’s brutality.

They have also played a role in the west’s support for Ukraine as well as the ongoing efforts to hold those responsible for the war’s atrocities accountable.

Some of the following images may be disturbing for some viewers

First images emerge after Russia invades Ukraine

Dangerous evacuations from Kyiv suburbs, Russian army targeting civilians

Nights in the basements, Kyiv and Kharkiv residents taking shelter in the metro

Separated families as millions of Ukrainians leave the country, mostly women and children

Massive destruction in Kyiv and Kharkiv

Civilians mobilise while life continues on during war

Warning: The next images may be disturbing to some viewers

Russian missile strike hits Kramatorsk railway station as civilians evacuate

Attacks on a maternity hospital and the drama theatre serving as a shelter in Mariupol

Liberated suburbs of Kyiv, the evidence of atrocities

Beseiged defenders of Mariupol at Azovstal steelworks

Russia shifting its forces from the north of Ukraine back to its east

Since the beginning of the war, 32 journalists were killed in Ukraine, a number that does not include media employees who enlisted in the army to defend Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International said in early May that it has documented extensive war crimes by Russian forces in communities around the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, including arbitrary executions, bombings of residences and torture.

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