Amaechi Took The Place Of God

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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has revealed how the statement of his predecessor, Rotimi Amaechi influenced his decision to embark on multiple developmental projects in the state.

Wike revealed on Friday that when he was assuming office as the State Governor, Amaechi had mockingly told him that he won’t get money to pay the entitlements of workers in the state talkless of getting funds to execute projects.

He said the statement by the former Transportation Minister is an attempt to play God in the lives of the people of Rivers State.

Wike however added that God has disappointed Amaechi by providing money to pay workers their entitlements and also execute projects.


He also blamed his predecessor for failing to work on the Rumuodogo road project despite the availability of funds for it.

He said: “You know why we are commissioning these projects; you remember in May 27th 2015 our brother who was a governor on his birthday while he was leaving office told us that there was no way we would get money to pay pensioners and gratuities not to talk of doing projects.

“We say God you must show that you are God. God in his infinite mercy showed the love he has for this state. He did not only provide money just to pay salaries, pensioners and their gratuities. He has provided money to do this road.


“God gave him all the money, yet he refused to do this road. He thinks that Rumuodogo people will still be backward. God said no the time has come for people to remember Rumuodogo people.

“Why should I not be happy. The man took the position of God, as far as he is concerned you cannot be anything. But the almighty God says who are you? God used somebody to bring that money”.

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