“Career fades instantly” — Speed Darlington on why singers settle for baby mama instead of marriage

Notable US-based Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington, speaks on why singers in the industry settle for baby mama instead of marriage.

Speed Darlington noted that in the entertainment industry, there is a tendency for singers who get married and become parents to fail. He attributed this to the time and effort required to maintain a successful marriage and raise children.

He pressed on to provide examples of singers who have faced similar challenges. Speedy named two singers, FoxyP and AfricanApe whom he claimed lost focus after marriage.

In reaction to his baby mama claim, a social media user @tenovertenautos wrote, “Let the devil keep speaking through everyone of you and attacking this institution called marriage. I can also count a lot of people whose career picked up after they got married. EVERYONE you just mentioned here never had a really career going on. Their careers were more of a “flash in a pan”. A rave of the moment isn’t same as someone who has a real career.. Marriage is NEVER the problem.”

Another user @iamchrisbassey corroborated his claim, “True facts. He just didn’t want to mention certain names. Actoor or music sector once u marry your stardom drops. Necto C . Dr Sid. Chindinma. Mocheeda. Dija. I can continue on and on.”

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