[Interview] ‘Friends Deserted Me Thinking I Was HIV Positive’ – Cossy Orjiakor Speaks On Sleeping With Dog, Demands Justice

Fan Begs Cossy Ojiakor

Former Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor is demanding justice for the accusation of sleeping with a dog as she opened up on how friends deserted her.

In an exclusive interview with Naija News, Cossy Orjiakor spoke on the things that occurred in the wake of the allegation, the ban from Nollywood and the choice of delving into singing.

Except from the interview reads:

What prompted the call for justice after 20 years?

The recent sex with animal videos and police involvement brought back the hidden pains I have endured for the past 20 years

Apart from reporting to the police what other measures were taken over the sex with dog scandal?

I only reported to the police. I was too broke back then to involve a lawyer. I belived the Nigerian government will look into the case because it was so viral. Yet nothing was done I lost my source of livelihood and friends deserted me thinking I was hiv positive as claimed by the newspapers

Seeing the police go after the lady that jokingly said she had sex with a dog and your case was ignored, how do you feel?

I feel so horrible. I feel invincible. I realize to them I am not worth thier time and that’s so damaging

What was the implication of the scandal to your acting career?

I was banned from acting. The movies I acted in was seized. Movies like ‘shatters home’ by sunny Macdon was banned and he suffered great losses. Years back i produced my own movies and no body accepted them. Well I tried to build my own YouTube page and it was taken down, so I really don’t try anymore I just flow and chill then concentrate on ‘fansly’ where I entertain my few fans

 Why did you take a break from Nollywood?

Nollywood took a break from me. Also the only actress that said the truth back then was Shan George. Her movie carear suffered back then. It was a heavy gang up against little me

Are you thinking of making your way back into Nollywood?

No dear. It’s just that when am called an actress some fans say they have never seen me in movies. So I just want them to know I was really a big star in nollywood. But when you eat with the devil you eat with a long spoon

Many used to see you as Nollywood bad girl back then, how does that make you feel?

An actress is supposed to act any part given to her. Except your are not good enough then you can choose the role. I played my bad girl image well because I wasn’t a bad girl at all

Many of your colleagues had said producers demand something in return for movie roles; were you a victim?

I had producers and directors that liked me but I use to make fun of it,  never took it serious. Late Chico Ejiro wanted me but I never allowed him. But then his wife, Joy, thought that I was dating her husband. Maybe that’s why she slapped me on the set of ‘Itohan’. That dog movie. Well I know a lady who was dating her husband then. The lady was even her friend but me that didn’t accept got slapped

You have delved into singing recently, how has the change of career been?

Am just catching cruise deary, I don’t have any carear in Nigeria. It’s all online . Am a creator in fansly/ifans. But then I lost my account with onlyfans. They don’t even allow Nigerians on the plateform. My manager opened the account I was using it and when they found out i am nigeria they took down my page. But fansly ain’t bad. Atleast I make enough to chill with

Do you get passes from the opposite sex?

That’s life. A girl most be attracted to a boy. Be fruitful and multiply. If u don’t date why are you on earth

Do you plan on settling down or that is not an option?

Am just cruising dear. Whatever happens happens. I don’t force thing. It is what it is. I also want to specially thank Isace Izoya. Creator of Nollywood film festival And Europe Gooden awards. I got my first international award . The recognition made me feel special. Some will like you, some will hate you for no reason at all. That’s life, besides who wants to start a career that can be killed with no repercussion. Once bitten twice shy.

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