Nedu’s ex-wife reacts to AY Makun’s post about seeking validation on social media

Hazel Uzor, the ex-wife of the popular radio presenter, Nedu, reacts to the piece of advice from AY Makun about seeking social media validation.

AY had taken to his social media page to hint at the consequence of bringing issues to social media, particularly as a celebrity.

According to AY, protecting one’s mental health should be a priority other than the opinion of strangers.

“It’s time to stop seeking validation from social media. No matter d truth or lies about u or your personality, those who love u will still love u. Save yourself from depression, protect your mental health. Connect, spend time, & build relationships with real people in your life,” he wrote.

nedu's ex wife

Nedu’s ex-wife whose former partner unveiled his new lover shared the post on her page amidst the backlash trailing her.

“Make I use this one hold body,” Nedu’s ex-wife wrote in the caption.

Nedu's ex-wife reacts to AY Makun's post about seeking validation on social media

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