Poland signs deal with France to receive two observation satellites

France signed an agreement this week to provide Poland with two reconnaissance satellites and a receiving station to help the government better detect early threats through satellite imagery.

The deal between Airbus and the Polish Armament Agency was announced after a meeting of Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak and his French counterpart Sébastien Lecornu in Warsaw on 27 December.

“This is an extremely important capability and opportunity to complement all that is related to deterrence and early warning capabilities,” said Błaszczak in a statement by the ministry.

While the satellites are planned for 2027, the Polish side is set to have immediate access to the satellite imagery and will receive data with an accuracy of 30 centimetres.

Błaszczak said that the images would be important not only for the Polish military but also the National Fire Service to have an early warning when natural disasters occur.

France’s armies ministry said in a statement that the contract would create 500 jobs and was worth €575 million.

The two ministers also spoke about planning military aid for Ukraine in the first quarter of 2023.

The visit to Warsaw marked Lecornu’s first trip to the country since taking over his role last May.

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