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Rising actress, Tierny Olalere opens up on journey into Nollywood | The Guardian Nigeria News

Tierny Olalere

Becoming an actress can be an exciting and challenging journey. Some actresses may have always known that they wanted to act, while others may have stumbled upon it unexpectedly. Regardless of how they got started, many actresses share a passion for storytelling and a desire to connect with audiences. This is what Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Tierny Olalere represents.

Tierny Olalere is one of the young role interpreters making waves in Nollywood at the moment.The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology graduate has featured in movies like ‘Mystic Birth’, ‘Yellow’, ‘Knock Knock’, ‘Isemi’, and a host of others.

Recounting the challenges she experienced when she started out in the movie industry, Olalere stated: “One of the biggest challenges I faced early on in my career was me not being familiar enough with the kind of industry. I also had issues with funding. You know money plays a vital role in the actualization of one’s dreams. Those were the major challenges”.

Going down memory lane, the Nollywood diva said she has always wanted to be an actress.

“Yes have always wanted to act. I enjoy writing fictional stories and I act them out when I’m alone.” The passionate thespian noted that her acting talent was groomed as a child in church. “I started acting on stage in church. It started from the children’s choir,” Olalere revealed.

Asked about the role she looks forward to playing, the beautiful actress said:” I look forward to playing the role of a tout, a fighter. Basically roles that will either make me change my look, my body, stretch me mentally and lot’s more. I am open to playing such roles”.

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