Super Bowl fans ask why Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wiggles his finger before every snap

Patrick Mahomes has a unique finger wiggling habit that has left thousands of Super Bowl fans stumped.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has many quirks and idiosyncrasies to his game but his latest odd habit has captured many peoples’ curiosity.


The quarterback has been spotted twitching his fingers before every playCredit: Getty

The Chiefs are making their fourth Super Bowl appearance in five years as they take on the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday night.

Mahomes once again lined up under center in a bid to lead his side to back-to-back world titles.

The supremely talented signal-caller has developed a habit where he wiggles his fingers between plays, usually before a snap.

Mahomes pulls his hand up near his face, spreads his fingers and wiggles them up and down before lining up under center.

“Why does Mahomes always twitch those two fingers?” one fan said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Why does Patrick Mahomes finger the air before every play”, someone else commented.

The Kansas star has never revealed the meaning behind it but various internet sleuths think they’ve worked it out.

According to some fans, they think it’s a gesture to tell his teammates to hurry back into formation and prepare for the next snap.

Former Chiefs’ DT Khalen Saunders has also picked up on the gesture


Former Chiefs’ DT Khalen Saunders has also picked up on the gestureCredit: Twitter

It’s similar to how, when taking a corner, some football players will raise their arm up to let their teammates know the ball is about to be swung in.

“Think it’s his way to tell everyone to huddle up,” one fan said.

“It’s his ‘huddle up’ hand motion I can’t stand it lol,” another added.

It’s seemingly nothing that new though, as former Chiefs’ DT Khalen Saunders recently did an accurate impression of the gesture when impersonating Mahomes.

It’s a pretty unusual habit, but with two Super Bowl titles and two NFL MVP awards on his resume, it’s clearly something that’s working.

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