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Following the exploits of the Nigerian goalkeeper Stanley Nwabali at the just concluded AFCON, a set of pictures have been circulating claiming to be of him and his wife.


The claim is false


Three images of Nwabali posing with an unidentified woman described as his wife circulated across social media.


Initially shared by Amanda Chisom Page, a Facebook blog with the caption “Goodnight from first and only wife, Mrs Chisom Okolo-Nwabal.” Many people have since reposted with different captions like “Stanley Nwabali’s wife shows off her husband. Keep off” and “Chisom, wife of Super Eagles goalie marking her territory as she shows off husband.”


A careful look shows Nwaballi’s body language failed to acknowledge the presence of someone standing right by his side.


The three pictures lacked the typical synergy expected of a couple. Apart from maintaining a straight face with hands in his pocket, these two individuals, despite being close, had no single physical touch across the images.


Checks on Nwabali’s Instagram handle shows the original version of these photographs taken with Nwabali standing alone. Checking through previous posts, we discovered that Amanda Chisom’s blog had several other photographs of the goalkeeper where he allegedly posed with different women as captured. The instances either confessed their admiration or suggestively referred to him as their lover.


Facebook has also flagged the post as partly false information.




Viral pictures showing Nwabali and wife is FAKE, it is a photoshoped version of the ones posted on his Instagram page.

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