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Is the real Papa Ajasco dead? 

News broke out on Saturday January 14 about the death of Papa AJASCO.

Many sympathisers have thronged social media space describing their best memories of the late veteran actor.

Several news platforms also published reports announcing the death.

However, there were lots of misrepresentations of the deceased actor.

Here are the Facts:

Veteran actor, Femi Ogunrombi, was reported dead on Saturday. He was the stand in actor for AbiodunAyoyinka who started the Papa Ajasco character.

Many media organizations as well as fans that reported memories of the late actor used pictures of Ayoyinka instead of Ogunrombi.

Ayoyinka has also come out in a video declaring that he is alive and fine.

Ayoyinka was the popular Papa Ajasco from inception till 2005 – 2006 when Ogunrombi took over. Then in 2007, Ayoyinkatook over and continued his role again.

Many publications and social media posts failed to acknowledge that the deceased Femi Ogunrombi was a stand-in actor as Baba AJASCO when Ayo left the movie series produced by Wale Adenuga Productions.


The claim that Baba AJASCO is dead is misleading because they failed to clarify that it was the stand in actor and not the original performer, AbiodunAyoyinka.

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