Meet The Cast Of Showmax Original Epic Drama Series, Cheta M

Showmax premiered its new epic drama series Cheta M on February 12. 2024, alongside the new app launch.

The series delves into the themes of love, war, and supernatural interference, focusing on the compelling story of Adanna and Nnanna. Set in a world where tensions between the kingdoms of Mgberi and Ajaani have reached a boiling point, the show follows their journey through various adversities.

Directed by James Omokwe, the 130-episode series boasts of a mix of young, known and talented cast members, including Oluchi Amajuoyi, Kingsley Nwachukwu, Ruby Okezie, Kalu Ikeagwu, Jsmile Uhuru, Nnamdi Agbo and more.

Here is a look into some of the cast of Cheta M alongside their characters:

Oluchi Amajuoyi as Adanna (The Lover) Cheta M
Oluchi Amajuoyi as Adanna (The Lover)

Oluchi Amajuoyi takes on the role of Adanna, the central figure in the series. Adanna is depicted as the courageous protagonist, the eldest daughter of council member Nwoke, and second in command among the Umuade women.

Adanna is portrayed as a humble Mgberi girl endowed with the gift of foresight and remarkable beauty. She is also depicted as the love interest of Nnanna. However, their love is doomed when both characters lose their memories of each other.

Kingsley Nwachukwu as Nnanna (The Forgotten) Cheta M
Kingsley Nwachukwu as Nnanna (The Forgotten)

If you’ve been following this story closely, you can tell that this is the Nnanna that captured Adanna’s heart.

Kingsley, hailing from Lagos, comes from a family of six. He obtained a degree in Mass Communication from the National Open University. His breakthrough in the industry came with his role as Maja in Africa Magic’s Hotel Majestic. He has also made appearances in shows such as AY’s Crib, Bella’s Place, Eve, and Enakhe.

In the series, Nnanna emerges as the hero, sharing the spotlight with his love interest, Adanna. He is the son of council member Olisaeloka and the leader of the Umuada women, Okuchelu. Portrayed as resilient, strong, and adventurous, Nnanna possesses the ability to endure the most challenging circumstances.

Ruby Okezie as Mmesomma (The Frenemy) Cheta M
Ruby Okezie as Mmesomma (The Frenemy)

Ruby Okezie takes on the role of Mmesomma, Adanna’s best friend and her most dangerous opposition.

Ruby’s breakthrough into the industry came with her role as Nnenna in the drama series Far From Home. She also stars in Showmax Original Agu.

Mmesomma’s character becomes consumed by envy toward her best friend, Adanna, upon recognising her success in romantic endeavours and other opportunities. Complicating matters further, Mmesomma has a secret crush on Nnanna.

Dan Ugoji as Ejike (The Heir)
Dan Ugoji as Ejike (The Heir)

Ejike is the eldest son of Ezeugo, which automatically makes him the heir apparent to his father’s position as the leader of the Ohaneze inner council of Mgberi. He expects to assume this role upon his father’s eventual passing.

Dan Ugoji, the actor who portrays Ejike in the series is renowned for his performances in films such as Throne of Disaster, Bleeding Crown, and Unsettled.

The name Ejike, which means “power” or “strength”, aptly reflects his character’s demeanour. Throughout the series, Ejike demonstrates formidable strength and prowess, particularly in his skill with both the sword and his words.

Kalu Ikeagwu as Jideofor (The Feared)
Kalu Ikeagwu as Jideofor (The Feared)

Kalu Ikeagwu takes on the role of Jideofor, the formidable King of Ajaani, portrayed as a commanding figure with a powerful army. Renowned for his wisdom and profound contemplation, Jideofor is a character of great depth.

Kalu, a British-Nigerian actor and writer, has garnered acclaim and recognition for his brilliant performances on screen, earning numerous awards and nominations throughout his long career spanning about two decades.

When asked why the audience should watch the series Cheta M, he said, “I have read the script, I have done it and above everything else, the production is so seamless, there’s a lot of teamwork in it”

Nonso Odogwu as Ezeugo (The Ohaneze Inner Council) Cheta M
Nonso Odogwu as Ezeugo (The Ohaneze Inner Council)

Nonso is widely recognised for his remarkable contributions to numerous Nigerian films, showcasing his talent and versatility in various roles.

In Cheta M, he takes on the character of Ezeugo, the authoritative leader of the Ohaneze Inner Council. Ezeugo is portrayed as a shrewd individual unafraid to employ cunning tactics to achieve his goals. He is married to two wives, has two sons and is respected for his wisdom, astuteness, and strength as a leader within the series.

When asked what the audience should expect from the series, he said, “First of all, the show is very intriguing, it’s a must-watch. It’s a story about love, deception, and betrayal. It is a wonderful show and trust me, you are going to enjoy it if you watch it.”

Oluchi Odii as Ahunna (The Princess Witch)
Oluchi Odii as Ahunna (The Princess Witch)

Oluchi is multi-talented, excelling both as an actress and a singer. Her journey into singing and acting started right after her appearances in MTN Project Fame and Nigerian Idol, the renowned music competitions. She marked her debut in stage plays with Heartbeat the Musical.

She has also left her mark in the film industry with roles in movies such as Riona, Casino, Smart Money Women, Jungle, and many others.

In Cheta M, Oluchi plays Ahunna, the princess of the Ajaani Kingdom, who marches to the beat of her own drum. She is portrayed as a male-daughter, shouldering the responsibilities that her parents (Jideofor and Mkpulumma) could never fulfil. Ahunna is depicted as a fearless woman, defiant against the societal norms of marriage and motherhood.

Catch up with your faves in new episodes of Cheta M every week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays exclusively on Showmax.

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